Nov 13

Industrial Tourism

For many years, many people have gained pleasure from proudly showing and teaching others about their way of working and their products. Nowadays, this simple visitors activity has turned into a tourist attraction: industrial tourism, a variation of cultural tourism and its many faces.

The demand for this tourist activity is growing thanks to a number of visitors looking for cultural experiences based on learning about production methods (both old and new) used in factories, mines, textile industries, vineyards, cheese-making...

Arteixo is by far the borough with the greatest business production in the province of A Coruña, and many of its businesses are characterised by a high degree of innovation and excellence in their products.

The heart of its industry, while present in other areas of the borough, currently beats in Sabón Industrial Estate. In the near future both Morás Industrial Estate, currently under construction, and the Open-Sea Harbour will play an important role in making Arteixo the most important business area in the whole Autonomous Community.

The presence of important companies such as Inditex, La Voz de Galicia,and Bonilla a la vista among others in our municipality make Arteixo an interesting option for those visitors seeking a destination that can offer something new. At the same time this is an opportunity for the area to develop in economic, social and cultural terms by opening its factory doors and promoting its installations and products.

Many of these companies already have an open-door policy for visitors, detailed on their websites :

La voz de Galicia ( Santiago Rey Fernández- La Torre Museum)

Open-Sea Harbour. Click here for photos of the guided tours.

The  Mariñas Consortium has currently undertaken to implement an Industrial Tourism project in the metropolitan area of A Coruña, with the idea of designing themed routes of packages in the near future, thus encouraging more businesses to implement open-door policies and participate in this cultural experience.

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