Oct 31

Presentación Cultura

In terms of culture, the borough of Arteixo has valuable examples of religious architecture to offer. Few Galician boroughs can boast such a well-conserved medieval heritage, specifically Romanesque, as that which can be found along the coast of Arteixo. The conserved Romanesque churches in this area originate, in some cases, in old Benedictine monasteries, while others are simple parish churches with limited remains from the Romanesque period. Nevertheless, they all have a special charm about them, given the unique landscape which frames them.

Their original appearance has been partly or greatly modified during periods of economic prosperity or simply because of repairs.

The shrine of Our Lady of Pastoriza is a special case. This parish church conserves the memory and details of a Romanesque church that was pulled down in the 17th C in order to build the present-day structure.

The examples of civil architecture are also noteworthy, including the manor houses and the road network which includes Ponte dos Brozos bridge. Good examples of popular architecture are the watermills of Sisalde near Barrañán beach.

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