Pazo de Anzobre

pazo anzobre

43º 17' 2'' N  8º 33' 29'' W      map

This manor house, from the 17th C, is located in Armentón parish and blends ancient stonework with modern glass galleries.

Its coat of arms possesses heraldry decorations of the Castros, Moscosos, Figeuroas, Sotomayores, etc. During the mid-16th C the owners were Gómez Suárez de Figueroa and Mrs. Justa Cisneros. It was later owned by the Ximonde house and the Puga family.

It is currently not open to the public.

Pazo do Atín

Located on a smooth hillside in the parish of Loureda. It is classified as Baroque, dated in the 17th C. It has a beautiful garden with myrtles and a round stone pond in the middle.

It also has a small chapel with a polychromed stone altarpiece. According to official documents from 1675, the owners at that time were the landlords of the Pardo Osorio house. Later, as a consequence of the ecclesiastical confiscations, it passed on to the Pereiro family in the 19th C, who were well known industrialists from A Coruña.

It is currently not opened to the public.

Pazo das Covadas

Located in the parish of San Pedro de Sorrizo, its first owners were Mr. Pedro Rioboo Villardefrancos, son of Gómez Rioboo, lord of Allo, and Mrs. Francisca de Castro, from the House of Montaos. It is a Baroque style manor house from the 17th C. The building is made up of two different structures with a round arched large door shaped by firm voussoirs.  Its large and stately angular balcony, leaning on strong corbels, is outstanding. It has two coats of arms, the oldest one with the shield of the Rioboo, Villardefranco, Castro, Figeuroa families, as well as some other signs of unclear meaning. In the more recent Baroque-style shield with heavy ornaments and under a helm decorated with large mantlings, the Bermúdez, Castro, Lobera, Caamaño, Andrade, Villardefrancos and Varela families are displayed.

It is not currently open to the public.

Pazo de Mosende

Located in the parish of Santa Mariña de Lañas, its most outstanding feature is a beautiful stone-paved corridor leading outdoors and sustained on highly resistant cantilevers.

It is not currently open to the public.

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