One of Arteixo's most outstanding tourist attractions are its sandy areas which attract many visitors during the summer period. The most popular are Barrañan, As Combouzas (a nudist beach) and O Reiro. These beaches are washed by rough ocean waves, thanks to which we have clean water and fine, light grey sand. Other smaller, cosier beaches, such as Area Grande (Valcovo), Area Pequena and Repibelo are also popular.

In 2012 four of the beaches in the area (Combouzas, Valcovo, A Hucha and Salsa) once again gained blue flags and a Blue Path that connects seven of the nine beaches in the borough: Sabón, Repibelo, Hucha, Valcovo, As Combouzas, Barrañan and O Reiro. This path is ideal for spotting crabs and  bird-watching.

There is good access to all the beaches, as well as good services including cleaning, parking, showers, walking paths, wheelchair access and lifeguards from 12.00 to 20.80.

The beaches in Arteixo represent nature in its purest state, with fine sand and strong waves that are great for both water-sports and long walks on horseback or by foot. This is a privileged part of the LIC (Place of Community Interest) of the Costa da Morte.

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