Sisalde Forest

43º 17' 56'' N  8º 33' 2'' W        map

To access Sisalde Forest from Arteixo, take the Caión road and after Barrañan beach, take a left turn towards Sisalde in Chamín.

Located in Barrañan parish, Sisalde Forest is one of the last well-conserved symbols of the Galicia of yesteryear to be found in Arteixo. This fertile wood of oak, chestnut, alder trees and willows follows the Sisalde river downstream through an ample reed-bed towards its mouth in Barrañan beach, all of which make it ideal for taking a walk to discover its beauty and singularity.

There is another route parallel to the riverbed along which you can walk through most of this area and visit the old watermills that make up an interesting ethnographic ensemble, while teaching us about the cultivation of cereals that took place in the past on the lands and hillsides where the woods and scrubs stand today.

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