Santa Locaia hill

43º 16' 14'' N  8º 29' 34'' W      map

This is a natural viewpoint located in Loureda parish from which the valleys of Loureda, Arteixo and Oseiro can be seen. To access it from Arteixo, take the road from Loureda to Boedo and you will find the turn-off for Santa Locaia on the right. Once you have reached the top of the slope you will see a restaurant where you should turn left.

The viewpoint does not have a car park, so if you are travelling by car you should park it by the restaurant and walk up on foot. There you can enjoy the impressive views this lovely place offers.

O Cruceiro hill

43º 20' 9'' N  8º 28' 12''W       map

Located in Pastoriza parish near the Church of Nosa Señora de Pastoriza (Our Lady of Pastoriza). From the shrine there is a path that leads to Monte do Cruceiro.

This is a magical and spiritual place where we can enjoy both the peace and serenity that the image of the Virgin transmits, as well as the splendid views from this beautiful vantage point.

Angra hill

43º 18' 20'' N  8º 32' 8'' W       map

Located in O Galo in Barrañan parish. From its summit you have amazing views of the gullies of Barrañan, Chamín, Valcovo and Langosteiro port in Suevos, as well as of the inland part of the borough, thus gaining an overview of its entire geography and places of interest.

To access it from Arteixo take the main road towards Lañas, go past a petrol station and a bit further up turn right at the traffic lights. Then take the AC-506 towards O Galo.

The viewpoint can be reached by car.


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