The Historical Fair


During the third weekend of October every year, Arteixo offers you the opportunity to travel back in time to 1900. Each year there is a different theme; the sea, love, emigration...brought to life to reflect the way things were between 1900 and 1950. Those who go to the fair (if you dress up in clothes from that era, even better) can visit photography and antique exhibitions, enjoy watching the “carrilanas” races (vehicles made out of wood or other materials that do not have an engine), dance to the music of different bands and groups, participate in popular games from that era, dine at the great 1900 Dinner-Dance on Saturday evening, among many other activities related to the theme of each year.

The town council of Arteixo invites all participants to dress up in the typical clothes from 1900, but of course this is not an obligatory requirement.


Men: In spite of the serious recession at that time, people used to take great care in the way they dressed and in their manners. Thanks to photos from that era we can see that men used to wear suits (in some cases, threadbare), a tie and a flat cap, even for daily activities. And of course for local holidays and celebrations, they wouldn't go out without a “chapeo”, their traditional hat.

Women: The clothes they wore accentuated their waist and bust, later widening at the hips, but neck, ankles and wrists were covered. They always wore their hair up in high twisted buns or with rustic hair grips covered with a headscarf.

 To guide you we advise checking out photographs from that era (bear in mind that photography was then reserved for the wealthier citizens, so you won't see examples of the clothes worn by people who sold their wares at market), almanacs, newspaper libraries, etc. You can also use illustrious people of that time as a reference, such as Manuel Murguía, Rosalía de Castro, Valle Inclán and Unamuno. Furthermore, the clothes worn nowadays by elderly people in rural areas can also be appropriate since “fashion” has not evolved very much in those areas.


Twelve years ago, in 2000, the idea to create a historical fair came up as part of the events paying homage to the writer Manuel Murguía, taking advantage of the fact that the Xunta (the autonomous government) had chosen to dedicate that year to him.

Video of the Historical Fair 1900 (2012)

Posters from previous years

The objective of the town council's Cultural office was to organise a “popular cultural event” of great importance for the population while at the same time attracting visitors beyond the borough of Arteixo. It was to be held at a time of year with few festivities or events in general.

New objectives were added in later editions, such as promoting Galician cultural heritage (language, uses, customs, trades, clothes...), cultivating an appreciation for our culture among the younger generations, and boosting local commerce.

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