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Sisalde-Coast of Arteixo

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The Sisalde – coast of Arteixo route offers visitors a chance to discover the diversity of landscapes present in Arteixo borough, from the coastline to the banks of the Bolaños river. On the coastal part of the route, walkers can enjoy the large arenaceous formations on the beaches of Reiro, Barrañán, As Combouzas, Arena Grande (Valcovo), Area Pequena, Repibelo, A Salsa, O Rañal or Alba/Sabón and the beaches of Suevos, as well as their dunes. From the various observation or viewpoints along the coast you can see many species of marine birds and some mammals. Along the inland part of the route the walk follows the path of the Bolaños river, characterised by its wealth of flora, autochthonous species in harmony with the industrial development of the borough.

Length: 7.7 km
Starting point: Barrañán beach
Finishing point: Arteixo
Itinerary: Barrañán, As Combouzas, Area Grande (Valcovo), Area Pequena, Repibelo, A Salsa, O Rañal or Alba/Sabón, Suevos and the Bolaños riverwalk
Difficulty: Low
Estimated time: 2.5 hours
Apt for bicycles: Yes

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