Nov 20

Sisalde River Route

This walk passes through the Arteixan parishes of Barrañán, Chamín, Armentón, Monteagudo and Larín. The route's point of reference is the Sisalde river, and it follows the river's path at several points.

Starting from Barrañan beach and moving anti-clockwise, the route passes through Boedos de Sisalde, Monte de cartas, Margarida, A Telleira, Os Batáns, Igresario de Monteagudo, Os Barreiros, A Ibia and finally A Groba, the opposite end and highest point of the route.

The most important and interesting features of the route are Sisalde river itself, its tributaries, Barrañan dunes, Sisalde Forest, various watermills and the Church of Monteagudo from the 12th C.

The route is 18 km long but there are shorter options.

Length: 18 km
Estimated time: 6 hours
Difficulty: low
Type of route: linear and circular
Boroughs through which it passes: Arteixo
Starting/Finishing point: Barrañán beach

  1. Barrañán beach
  2. Os Boedos
  3. Sisalde Forest
  4. Monte de Cartas
  5. Camiño da Area
  6. Margarida watermill
  7. A Telleira
  8. Os Batáns
  9. Church of Monteagudo
  10. Barreiros recreational area
  11. Ibia watermill
  12. A Groba
  13. AG-55 motorway
  14. O Castro de Armentón
  15. Zapata watermill
  16. Church of Barrañan
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