Health Benefits of Unpasteurized Raw Honey


Unpasteurized raw honey has a Host of health benefits, but is this the sort of honey that is found in many grocery stores? Not quite. Normally, honey is heated and Processed until it finds its way to the shelf on the supermarket. This kind of honey, called pasteurized honey, does have some health benefits, but it is lost some of its grandeur in the heating procedure.

The reason honey is heated is to stop it from granulating as fast, to be able to lengthen shelf life. Additionally, heating turns it into a really runny form, which makes it easier to filter and process. However, the heating system also destroys some of the wholesome elements of the honey, which makes it less than perfect.

Unpasteurized honey is the best way to go. It is pure, natural, and wholesome, just the way God made it. With all the health benefits it provides, it is amazing more people are not more conscious of the normal health food.

First of all, honey provides a Natural supply of usable energy. White sugar is processed that the body has difficulty knowing what to use it for. But honey is obviously in form that the body can accept. So once you consume honey, you get loads of energy without the unwanted side-effects that white sugar carries with it.

Raw honey

Honey also helps to enhance digestion. It does this by allowing the gut to create healthful bacteria, which then digests food. If your purpose is to enhance digestion, consider using honey instead of white sugar in your recipes, or mix a teaspoon of honey with some water, and drink it before or during a meal.

Try gargling honey-water if your throat is sore. And if you are working with a cold, mix a spoonful of honey and a squeeze of lemon juice with some water. This combination can help not only alleviate soreness, but may also remove the harmful germs that led to the cold or the sore throat.

Finally, honey is healthy whether it is raw or pasteurized, but if you are taking honey to acquire its health benefits, you are better off to buy raw honey online. Plus, most people today discover that they appreciate the flavor of raw honey better than pasteurized.

It is Hard to find raw Honey at the supermarket, but a lot of health food shops sell honey. It is also possible to search around your area to find out if there are some local honey farmers. Lastly, there are loads of sites online that sell pure, unpasteurized honey.

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